16 May 2007

less is more

Our good friend Rue Snider was kind enough to point out to me that the email updates are often too damn long. So, in his honor, a short one.

"gravida" teaser number 2 is now up. Go. Watch it. Enjoy it. Get excited.


that's all for now.

09 May 2007

POW! WHAM! BOP!, and new music too!

Boys and girls, gather around ye olde computer as we prepare for another gripping tale of life in the indie film world! Watch as our heroes battle villains large and small, real and imagined, in the eternal quest for artistic integrity! Cheer them on as they join forces with other artists in the quest to topple such foes as poverty and malaise! That's right, it's another edition of the d press mailing list, brought to, as always, by Paul's Super-Sharp Razor Blades. Get a clean cut every time with Paul's Super-Sharp Razor Blades.

First, as some of you have already learned, Joanna Lowe's "Body Beautiful Project", the vehicle in which gravida was set to premiere, has been pushed back to the fall due to a pregnancy that's thrown everything out of whack. So, that leaves us with two choices. We can either hold gravida until the fall or find a way to premiere it ourselves. The consensus around here is to go with the latter, as the fall seems like an awfully long time to hang onto a film and gravida is really too long to distribute online. However, it isn't long enough to play by itself. So, the date and the format in which you'll finally be able to see it is, at the moment, completely in flux. If you have any good ideas for formats, locations, etc., we'd love to hear them. We're compiling lists in-house, but this is a very recent development, so it's still in the brainstorming process.

Rest assured, though, it will play live, in Pittsburgh. And, chances are sooner rather than later. We just, as of now, have no idea of the when and where. I'm now pushing for June and, at very least, we'll make it available for a DVD purchase. On the positive side, now we get to move away from competing with "Spider-man 3", so that's something.

Lest you worry, not all news on this Wednesday is bad news. We're excited, nay, thrilled to tell you of a musical addition to gravida. "Good Morning", a song by New York City's own Ilona V, will appear in the opening sequence. It's a lovely song by a talented artist and you audiophiles will be interested to learn that "Good Morning" will be release on vinyl this June by Bracken Records. You should, of course, purchase numerous copies of this album, as it's sure to become a collector's item. To find out exactly how, head on over to Ilona's MySpace page where you can listen to several of her songs and keep yourself up-to-date on the precise drop date.

Remember that storm we promised you? It's still coming, just be patient. The pregnancy thing has thrown us all for a loop (and, no, I had nothing to do with it...I've been holed up editing for weeks). That, and there's been some other delays we hadn't counted on. So it goes.

I'll give you a hint: There will be media coverage. And it probably won't be limited to this country.

Finally, a word about the fundraiser. You may notice we've gone over $500, which is obviously wonderful, but something tells me we can do better. No pressure, I'm just saying...

Until next time, when hopefully the news will be all good.