20 May 2005

a film about suffering (won't that be fun)

first of all, this was not actually my idea (that is, to do a film about suffering), as much as it may seem like it would be. anyway, joanna lowe has asked myself and 2 other filmmakers to make 10-20 minute short films that deal w/ the theme of suffering to be shown before her play 'Life. And Other One-Man Shows' that i'm told opens in Oct. i want to avoid a situation where everyone does the same type of film, so i'm thinking of working w/ mixed medias (i.e. photos and archival footage) and using real people instead of actors (or a script). so far i've come up w/ 2 potential ideas:

1. filming people society has failed, be it homeless or alcoholic or whatever and construct an image of suffering in modern-day America. Potential problems: clearances and chances of getting mugged.

2. taking my camera to Maine w/ me this summer when i go for my best Maine friend's wedding and sort of exploring how everything i know from my childhood is pretty much gone or changed beyond recognition.


19 May 2005

A Review

From the City Paper review:

"'On a Building Mid-Afternoon Somewhere in the World,' by Lucas McNelly, is almost as long as its title. A man stands on a ledge ready to jump to his death, and an optimistic onlooker tries to talk him out of it while a cynical onlooker tries to get him to jump. You’ve seen it several times before, but wisely, McNelly keeps it short."

To paraphrase Woody Allen, if you believe the good ones, you have to believe the bad ones, but what do you do about the ones that are sort of indifferent and maybe weren't paying attention? Anyway, the full review can be found at www.pghcitypaper.com

12 May 2005

Stop It! opens today

Featuring Lucas McNelly's 'on a building mid-afternoon somewhere in the world' and Joanna Lowe's 'Subtext on a Sunday', 'Stop It!' tickets are on sale now. go to www.blankspacearts.org for more info.

you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll support the arts. (no, really, you will. all three in fact)

09 May 2005

a Lowe's premiere

Tonite, 7ish, our good friend Rue Snider over at Ambulance Films will be screening 4 of his short films at Lowe Cineplex in the Waterfront (Pittsburgh). It costs $5.50 to get in, although it may be sold out, i'm not sure. of course, if you can't get in, you can always head over to Bar Louie across the street for the shindig afterward.

08 May 2005

Stop It! opening soon...

"Stop It!", of course, includes the world premiere of Lucas' original one-act, "on a building mid-afternoon somewhere in the world", partially developed on this very webpage. so go see it.

from the Blankspace release:

Come join Blankspace Arts and STOP IT! , the second production in a
BLANKSPACE ARTS trilogy focusing on revolutionary social ideas.

STOP IT! is hosted by dynamic master of ceremonies A.C. Earing, and
begins with a movement piece, written by Heather Lynn McNeish and
choreographed by Lisa Laura Lucci. Joanna Lowe’s 10 minute play,
"Subtext on a Sunday", directed by Michelle LeWay Fischer, explores
self-censorship and is followed by 10 tenacious minutes of Lucas
McNelly’s politically charged play, "on a building mid-afternoon
somewhere in the world", directed by Daniel Stiker. The evening ends
with a full-length Pittsburgh premier, by New York playwright, Randy
Anderson. Last seen at the 2003 Edinbugh Festival Fringe, "The
Dwelling" is a poignant exploration of the search for meaning in what
has become one character’s reality.

Those involved in the production include: A.C. Earing, Mary Turak,
Lisa Laura Lucci, Lucas McNelly, Steve Vesolich, Joseph Martinez,
Regan Harris, Joanna Lowe, Heather Lynn McNeish, Michelle LeWay
Fischer, Kathy Bartholow, Ben Cook, Charles Schneider, and Daniel
Stiker. A host of local visual artists will show their work in the
/Long Gallery/ and the show will include original music by XARA. Pre
show events include music, short films, and poetry.
STOP IT runs May 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, & 28. Gallery opens
at 7pm, pre-show entertainment at 7:30pm, show at 8pm. Performances
held at The Allegheny Playhouse, 887 Progress Street, Pittsburgh, PA
15212. Tickets $10. Reserve tickets by calling 412.973.6161 or on the
web at www.blankspacearts.org.