20 May 2005

a film about suffering (won't that be fun)

first of all, this was not actually my idea (that is, to do a film about suffering), as much as it may seem like it would be. anyway, joanna lowe has asked myself and 2 other filmmakers to make 10-20 minute short films that deal w/ the theme of suffering to be shown before her play 'Life. And Other One-Man Shows' that i'm told opens in Oct. i want to avoid a situation where everyone does the same type of film, so i'm thinking of working w/ mixed medias (i.e. photos and archival footage) and using real people instead of actors (or a script). so far i've come up w/ 2 potential ideas:

1. filming people society has failed, be it homeless or alcoholic or whatever and construct an image of suffering in modern-day America. Potential problems: clearances and chances of getting mugged.

2. taking my camera to Maine w/ me this summer when i go for my best Maine friend's wedding and sort of exploring how everything i know from my childhood is pretty much gone or changed beyond recognition.



mattreed said...

1 definitely do 1

(2 is bad news)

johanna said...

which idea will make you happier, i.e., which will lend itself more to your growth as an artist or a human? i'd go with that one, if you must do a film about suffering (or, in another light, a project that helps leach suffering away) i know, i know: crazy hippie talk

mickrect said...

One is much safer and honestly more desirable to watch, but surely you can work in two metaphorically (that's my language, but you know, show a homeless person, then a rundown home, car, neighborhood, etc.)