29 April 2005

a personal blog

i now have another one of these where i can post things more about me than d press. for anyone who's interested, it's available at the following address:

moments of melancholy

27 April 2005

Stop It!

If you click on the link to your right, the one that says "blankspace arts", you'll find the art for the flyer for Stop It, including the green-apple themed artwork and everything. The play, as you might have guessed, is now "on a building mid-afternoon somewhere in the world", mostly because that was the working title and now it's a bit late to change it. but it looks cool on the thing. the script is available in pdf format if anyone wants it.

19 April 2005

play name, etc.

as you read this, i'm probably finishing up the final draft of the play mentioned in the last couple of posts. i'll email anyone who wants one a pdf file of it (i can't figure out easily how to upload it), but i'm still not set on a name. So far it's been called "jumper", "view from the sidewalk", "the play i wrote in three days", and currently "on a building mid-afternoon somewhere in the world".

last chance, though, if anyone has a brilliant idea. or do we have some semblance of a consensus?

14 April 2005

the one act

since we're getting title suggestions, i thought it might be a bit helpful to let people know what the thing is actually about.

open on a guy on a ledge, threatening to jump for reasons unknown to us. on the sidewalk below are 2 people, one trying to convince him not to jump, one trying to convince him to take that leap into oblivion. they begin by trying to convince him (but minus the part where they actually try to figure out why he wants to jump), then they try to convince each other, then they start arguing with each other, and finally one of them gets upset and leaves. the other one, having in his mind won the argument, leaves, and our poor suicidal fellow is still on the ledge.

12 April 2005

Stop It!

for reasons i'd rather not get into here (although i will if you email me), "Stop It!" has evolved from a big play about censorship to a night of one-acts. I've been tapped to write one of them, tentatively titled "jumper" (that is, unless someone else can think of a better name). there will be more info when i have it

04 April 2005

File Under: Do Something Good with Your Day

Pittsburgh filmmaker Rue Snider will be screening 4 short films (including the one I'm in) at a benefit screening for Retinitis Pigmentosa and Usher Syndrome (two degenerative eye diseases) at the Lowes Theater at the Waterfront in Homestead on May 9. It's going to be $5 per person but all of the proceeds go to RP/Usher research.

So, if you can at all attend (I'm personally skipping out on a thing i'm supposed to do), go and support a) indie film in Pittsburgh, b) Rue (because he's cool), and 3) some eye disease (actually, you be supporting the cure for it, but whatever...)