14 January 2009

Things to do in Pittsburgh when you're dead**

**we're assuming, of course, that you'll probably freeze to death before the end of the week.

In order to keep you, dear reader, moderately involved in-between d press events, and in an effort to appease people we'd like to work with again, we give you another run-down of all the things worth paying attention to in the collective.

++ On 22 February Amy Crawford and the hit band Deleon are at long last playing their first Pittsburgh show at the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville. Naturally you should go, but you should also purchase a copy of Amy's new EP. It's pretty damned good and definitely worth the cost.

++ Jerome Wincek's been doing some interesting things on his MySpace page, essentially releasing numerous cuts and edits and mixes and whatnot of whatever songs he's been working on. You're best bet is probably to just keep checking in every couple of days and see what's new, as he's approaching a rather prolific pace.

++ 21 January is, you guessed it, the start of the 5th season of "LOST". I'm hearing from people in the know that the first 5 minutes or so are awesome, and hit or miss in the middle before finishing strong. Just thought you should know.

++ Yen Tan's film "CIAO" (edited by our friend David Lowery) is currently playing in major cities cooler than Pittsburgh. If you're fortunate enough to live in one of them, get thee to the theater. Per screen averages are key for a film like this.

++ far beyond frail is playing two shows next week in the Dakotas. Really, Shar? The Dakotas in January? Did that seem like a good idea?

++ Steve Vesolich is playing Club Cafe in Pittsburgh on 30 January in support of his album "This Continual Flight".

++ Congrats to our friend Brian Kazmarck, as his short film "Game Theory" just played in competition at the Festivus Film Festival.

That's pretty much it for this quick rundown. And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a pile of screeners to watch before my awards ballot is due at the end of the month (quick version: there's nothing even close to as good as "Wall*E", although the French film "A Christmas Tale" is pretty good) and the Wii Fit is yelling at me to exercise more.