28 May 2008

once more around the block

Voting continues in the Now Film Festival. So, if you haven't voted...bloody hell...what are you waiting for?

vote gravida

Until we hear those results, a quick run-down of what's happening around the collective...

+ This past weekend was the Oil Region Indie Songwriter's Festival in Oil City, PA. It was quite a lineup (featuring Brad Yoder, The Old Hats, Newmen, Nate Custer, Jeremy Jack, Namoli Brennet, Secretly Plotting Your Burial, and many more) and the weather was nice. Word is there may be more shows in the works, so we'll keep you updated as we hear about it. I can't seem to find the actual article in newspaper's online archives, but the Derrick ran a story about the festival, featuring a photo by yours truly. Click here for proof..

+ In other Oil City news, Jerome Wincek has put out a couple of live videos of himself and the Old Hats. They're available on his MySpace page.

+ Steve Vesolich has a new album ready to drop. "This Continual Flight" will have a CD release party on 27 June 2008 at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh. The cost? $7. More info.

+ The Futility Parade has a new song ("based on a short story by ambrose bierce of which i can't recall the title") on their MySpace page. I'm told it was recorded on the side of the road. They do stuff like that.

+ We may have already told you about this, but Ilona V. has a new-ish song on her MySpace page, "Deliverance Coffin". Honestly, I'm not sure if this is new info or not. The method is to look for songs that have a lot fewer plays than the rest. So...yeah.

And...I think that's it. If I'm missing stuff, let me know. I try to include as much as I can remember and/or find quickly on MySpace, etc. As for new d press stuff...well...we're working on it, but it's so damned hard with all these playoff games on every night.

07 May 2008

we won something! (sort of)

No, the results of the Now Film Festival aren't in. You'll hear as soon as possible, trust me.

But, this past weekend gravida was in the Twin Rivers Media Festival in Asheville, NC, where we nabbed a Honorable Mention in the short drama category. It doesn't seem to be on the webpage anywhere, but I've gotten 2 emails about it, so we're going with it. Victory.

And don't forget, voting continues in the Now Film Festival. So if you haven't voted yet, then what the hell are you waiting for? Click on the sweet button to go where you need to go.

vote gravida

Find the "5" under gravida. Tell your friends. Spread the word. It'll take longer for you to think of a good reason why you didn't vote when we ask, and you'll feel better about not having to lie.

So take 30 seconds and help your favorite film collective out.