28 December 2004


so the holiday travelling all went well. almost missed my connecting flight from detroit to pgh b/c i decided at the last minute that i needed a coffee and the detroit airport is just big enough to make that a very long walk.

anyway, the question of the moment is thus: i'm working on a play w/ blankspace arts, tenatively titled "stop it" that's about censorship and, i would assume, artistic integity and other things of that ilk that everyone agrees is a generally good thing. oh, and we're developing the thing from scratch, which means no original script and no actually idea...yet. only most of the ideas and scenarios that have been developed seem to be trending towards "censorship sucks" and "artists are oppressed" and other things that may be well and good and even true, but make for pretty awful theatre. mostly, it just comes off as preaching or whining when i take it to its logical conclusion.

so if anyone has any ideas, send them along... matt had a couple he told me about in the airport, but i can't really remember the details.

25 December 2004

merry xmas, etc.

basically, enjoy any of the multitude of hollidays you may happen to celebrate, or not celebrate, or aren't really aware of.


20 December 2004

xmas and other things...

i know this will just break people's hearts, but i'll be in maine for the next week, trying not to go crazy over the hollidays, which may be pretty much impossible, but i'll try.

needless to say, there won't be a ton going on this week.


18 December 2004


out of curiosity, who wrote the poem on the last comment?


17 December 2004

cute little industry games

tonight had to go to some industry thing in a jazz club in downtown pgh, which isn't nearly as hip and cool as it sounds. mostly you just stand around making small talk w/ a couple of people you know while everyone around you tries to make contacts and do other equally boring things b/c, i don't know, they feel like they should. but i've never gotten any benefit out of these things b/c they aren't all that interesting and the people i need to talk to i can always just call and the drinks are over-priced. i guess i pay a $5 cover to be seen. oh what fun. i've never even gotten any work from meeting people at them. it always comes from the work, you know? you get work b/c someone saw a film you did. not b/c you met them at some social event.

16 December 2004


been reading david sedaris and have decided that regardless of how good it is, it's probably not a good xmas present for my mother. mostly b/c he's gay and all that, but partly b/c of the language and whatnot.

have you ever noticed how much wine can mess w/ your ability to spell?

14 December 2004

non-profit video

for those of you awaiting the news w/ baited breath, the non-profit video for Achieva (www.achieva.info) is done, to great acclaim. and now, i will sleep.


10 December 2004

editing insanity

anyone care to take bets on which comes first, the end of the project or the point where i lose my f*cking mind?


09 December 2004


yet another victory for the proletariat.


08 December 2004


i've gotten exactly 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days and the rough cut of this video for the non-profit is due in 3.5 hours. i'm not even close. i don't even have all the footage i need yet. and then, once the rough cut is done, i've got a grand total of 2 days to turn in a final cut. oh the humanity of it all...


06 December 2004


so let's say you're doing an informational video for a non-profit and they give you a video tape and ask, "can you use this?", i've found that you want to take a pretty good look at it before you say yes, b/c it may be 8mm instead of say, digital8, which you can use josh's cheap camera to read, as opposed to 8mm, which requires an 8mm camera, which no one has used in forever. as in, they don't even sell them at best buy anymore. then, of course, you're fucked, b/c no one will have a clue how to xfer the footage, all 2 hours of it, and you'll have to drive all the way to beaver falls on the chance they might be able to do it at wgev. grrrr....



there are clamoring masses? huh. go figure.


05 December 2004

dPress Web Site Updated Finally

The website () has been updated after about a year of stagnation. I've no excuse. Anyway, I'll be redoing the whole site from scratch soon enough and this time updating it will be the easiest thing in the world. But the clamoring masses will have to wait until 2005...

04 December 2004


w. administered the coin toss at the army/navy game today and looked pretty damn confused.

it'll be a long four years, i think

02 December 2004

fade up:

this is all matt's idea. unless, of course, people think it's cool, then i'll take the credit. there's nothing to say at the moment b/c no one's reading it. but there will be, oh there will be.