08 December 2004


i've gotten exactly 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days and the rough cut of this video for the non-profit is due in 3.5 hours. i'm not even close. i don't even have all the footage i need yet. and then, once the rough cut is done, i've got a grand total of 2 days to turn in a final cut. oh the humanity of it all...



Anonymous said...

Looks like your 3.5 hours is up my friend!

take a trip to there
feel freedom of heavy eyes
is this all there is

shut up and go to sleep

d press productions said...

a comment. cool.

but from who? that's the mystery, i guess

Anonymous said...

yeah, so hi, this is athena. i thought i'd be the first non-anonymous posting, that is, until i discovered that in order to be a non-anonymous poster, you have to sign up for an account and well, i'm just too damn lazy for all of that nonsense. so, here we are. how has the whole rough cut thing panned out for you? have you been sleeping? hopefully so. i'll keep checking on the site (nice aesthetic by the way).