23 October 2007

as seen on .tv!

In this email: d press merchandise shows up in an unlikely location...people play songs live on the radio...more on the festivals...and, as always, rambling from yours truly

As I'm sure some of you are aware, Pittsburgh has it's very own web-series, which films all over the city on a budget of, like, zero. Despite the complete lack of a budget, they've managed to film 4 complete seasons (now 7 episodes into season 5) and score a cover story in City Paper, among other places. So, when earlier this summer I was in an award-winning play with Trent Wolfred, one of the actors in Something To Be Desired, I got to thinking and we got to talking about films in general and, lo and behold, look who's wearing an "un filme" shirt in the latest episode. So, go, check it out. I'm told Trent will be wearing the shirt over a couple of episodes, meaning a hell of a lot of people will see it in action.

Oh, and when you watch the series and don't know who any of the characters are, don't ask me. I don't know either.

And I know what you're thinking now, "gee, I sure would like a shirt like the one I saw on .tv". Well, you can. Just go to the webpage and buy one already.

Upcoming shows:

24 October (Wed), Steve Vesolich plays live at Club Cafe at 6pm ($5). If you can't make it (and with LOST not on right now, you don't have a good excuse), it'll be on the radio. Check it out on the internets.

27 October (Sat), Steve again plays Club Cafe, but on a Saturday. 7pm. $5

Much thanks to everyone who went to the far beyond frail and/or Any Crawford shows recently. Some of you saw the far beyond frail shows in Boston and NYC (in fact, probably more of you than did in Pittsburgh), which is very cool. Isn't supporting artists fun?

Also fun is film festivals, such as the Three Rivers Film Festival, who's full schedule is now online. Peruse it and you'll find some nice stuff (in addition to gravida), such as Frownland (recommended by David Lowery), Grace Is Gone (that John Cusack film about war), a new print of Woody Allen's Manhattan, and Strange Girls, a Pittsburgh film featuring our very own Joanna Lowe and crew work by some of the crew from gravida (maybe all, I can't be sure).

Tickets for the Three Rivers Film Festival can be purchased all over the place. They're $8 each, or for $40 you can get 6 tickets and a free t-shirt (oooohhhh.....aaaahhhh)

So, that's it for now. Watch the web series. Go to Club Cafe. Buy stuff.

16 October 2007

"un filme" number 3

Everett Lowe, Pittsburgh, PA

13 October 2007

Manny, and Amy, and Shar...oh my

Howdy, all.

The Red Sox are scheduled to continue their romp through the American League tonight (by the way, has anyone seen the Yankees lately?), but before that, here's a quick reminder of some stuff you have to check out.

** Amy Crawford's set at NYC's The Bitter End will be webcast Sunday, 14 October at 9pm. Word is it will not be archived, so if you want to catch it, you gotta catch it live.

** far beyond frail will also be playing at The Bitter End on 13 October ($5), but more importantly, they'll be making their triumphant return to Pittsburgh on Monday, 15 October at the Garfield Artworks (4931 Penn Avenue) for a mere $8. Some of you who don't recognize the name will remember Sharylnn Verner from days past. I expect to see you all there. No excuses.

Also, we have a date now for the Three Rivers Film Festival. gravida will play as part of program A on 10 November at the Melwood Avenue screening room.

Of course, you can still purchase a DVD from the website and the ever-popular "un filme" shirt as well.

And I don't want to be a pest (well...that's probably not true), but a recent glance of our records shows that 6 of you (you know who you are) said long ago, "oh sure, I'll definitely order a shirt" but haven't yet. **sigh**

05 October 2007

going to the show

Dear reader,

As if the day can't get any better, what with the Red Sox winning
yesterday and the Yankees getting blown out tonight, there's this bit
of film festival news, courtesy of my inbox:

Dear Lucas,

Congratulations! Your film, Gravida, has been selected to screen at
the 26th annual Three Rivers Film Festival. The festival will be held
from November 2nd through the 15th. Our Shorts Program will be
presented in two parts with one screening each night, Sunday, November
11and Wednesday, November 14, at the Melwood Screening Room at 477
Melwood Avenue in Pittsburgh. For more information please visit the
festival's official website, www.3rff.com.

The Three Rivers Film Festival has, in the past, had a local shorts
program, but that doesn't appear to be the case this year (this, of
course, could change). If I'm not mistaken, last year's shorts program
contained a film by Canadian auteur Guy Maddin but, again, that's just
off the top of my head.

Anyway, if you haven't bought a DVD yet, now might be a good time.

04 October 2007

"un filme" number 2

Katy Kirkpatrick, Sunbury, PA