26 September 2007

putting the "c" in collective

While there are a hell of a lot of you on this email list, I think it's pretty safe to put you in 2 groups: 1) You're saddened, nay distraught, that you haven't heard anything from your favorite film collective recently. This, of course, is keeping you up nights and affecting your job performance. 2) You're glad, nay thrilled, to have a break from all these damned emails.

Love us or hate us, here's a quick update, powered by the new Breathe Owl Breathe album.

First, some bits of cross-promotion for our good friends:

14 October 2007: Amy Crawford is playing a short set as part of a NYC singer/songwriter thing at the Bitter End. It'll be broadcast on the internets. Tickets are $5

15 October 2007: far beyond frail plays the Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh as part of their on-going tour schedule. While based out of Kansas City, the band has significant Pittsburgh roots (Sharlynn Verner went to school with us) and this is their very first Pittsburgh show. Tickets are $8

27 October 2007: Steve Vesolich
has a couple of shows coming up, most notably this one at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh. Tickets are $5.

Occasional musician Matt Reed has a new song, "Hymn to Liberty", available at his MySpace page.

For those of you with time to kill at work, there's 2 (!) groups for you to join on your favorite social networks. Both are titled "i [heart] d press Productions", and while we haven't yet figured out what to do with them, surely we will soon. There's one on MySpace and one on Facebook. Join the fun.

And if you're wondering what we've been up to lately over here at d press....well....we're trying to set up some "gravida" screenings in different cities like Philly and New York and yours truly has been working on the next script, although perhaps working is the wrong word. Do you remember the piano player on Sesame Street? The one who would always bang his head on the keys and wail, "I'll never get it right. Never!"? Yeah, it's kind of like that.

But you know what would help? If we sold some DVDs and t-shirts. At very least, it couldn't hurt.

Oh, and if you've bought a shirt, send us a picture of you wearing it and we'll post it on the webpage. And if you reserved a shirt but haven't purchased it yet, what the hell are you waiting for?