17 December 2004

cute little industry games

tonight had to go to some industry thing in a jazz club in downtown pgh, which isn't nearly as hip and cool as it sounds. mostly you just stand around making small talk w/ a couple of people you know while everyone around you tries to make contacts and do other equally boring things b/c, i don't know, they feel like they should. but i've never gotten any benefit out of these things b/c they aren't all that interesting and the people i need to talk to i can always just call and the drinks are over-priced. i guess i pay a $5 cover to be seen. oh what fun. i've never even gotten any work from meeting people at them. it always comes from the work, you know? you get work b/c someone saw a film you did. not b/c you met them at some social event.

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Anonymous said...

Found this, circa Fall '95:
When Leaves Fall
I. Old-Hat in Barritone

Smells of closed-door incense
bodies smoldering in willow groves
and i have glimpsed the virgin Mary
Don't know why she won't leave me;
but she hangs above the ceiling,
between curtain and wall,
and behind the shower nozzle
in the ochre fragrance of monastery roses

I'd never trade such cologne,
not for tanks of golden spumante
But a shower in the springtime
when the leaves really fall,
turning blazing phrases back into earth;
such light water would be nice

...to be nineteen again. Hey, 19.
...were you thirsty?