12 April 2005

Stop It!

for reasons i'd rather not get into here (although i will if you email me), "Stop It!" has evolved from a big play about censorship to a night of one-acts. I've been tapped to write one of them, tentatively titled "jumper" (that is, unless someone else can think of a better name). there will be more info when i have it


mattreed said...

Some random ideas:
"Or Not To Be"
"A Simple Question"
"So it goes"
"Wednesday Afternoon"
"A Matter of Ontology"
"Frequently Asked Questions"

I'll probably think of more later...

billiam said...

how's about...

"Why I Left the Ornathological Society"

oooooh or

"Roy Litchenstien Paints..."

oh- i got it...

"The Guinness of Bill"

nah- that last one would just be hazy.

billiam said...

and by ornathological i meant ornithological

mattreed said...

"Am Is Are Was Were"
"One Small Step For Man"
"The Ledge"
"View from the Sidewalk"
"On a Building Mid-Afternoon Somewhere in the World"

d press productions said...

so far i like "the ledge", "view from the sidewalk" and "on a building mid-afternoon somwhere in the world" the best. oh, and "jumper", "philabuster" (sp?), and another one i can't remember

johanna said...

'pushing darkness over the horizon'
'lose a couch; gain terra firma'
'a little bit of death, a little bit of life: the continuing saga of cream and sugar vs. coffee a la naturelle'

'jumper' sounded fine
'view from the sidewalk' sounded somewhat placeable, yet vague...

billiam said...

"view from the sidewalk" reminds me of a book called, "view from the cherry tree" and "where the sidewalk ends"

how about...

"uncommon afternoons"

d press productions said...

what about "a beautiful day in the neighborhood"?

johanna said...

good title. not fitting just now, tho'
(since you've given your synopsis)