09 March 2005

fixing bad lighting

maybe this is only interesting to me, but i find it cool how much color correction can fix a situation where you have less than zero control of the lighting, etc. when you're filming. take these 2 stills from everett's wedding reception (basically it's the same still, only one corrected and the other not). when someone starts talking to the camera, you can't do a whole lot other than just crossing your fingers and hoping it comes out well. (other than, you know, making them start over, but then there's a whole new set of problems). so here they are. first, the orginal shot:


and the color corrected one.


not a lot of difference, but i think it enhances the depth of field and adds more texture.


Anonymous said...

Color-corrected Nate says, "Lucas, you're a bastard."

d press productions said...


mattreed said...

Nate makes a very good point. Lucas is a bastard.