11 January 2006

Life. And other one-man shows.

Here's the official info on the play, etc.

cup-a-jo productions presents a play by Joanna Lowe

with films by Eric Sipple, Joanna Lowe, and Lucas McNelly

poetry by Sarah Williams, Robert Isenberg, Joanna Lowe, Matt Reed, and Kahmeela Adams-Findley

January 12-28 (w/ opening night soiree) gallery opens @ 7pm, show @ 8pm

thursday-saturday @ Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre
downtown, Penn Ave & 6th Street between starbucks and subway

thurday $8, friday & saturday $10

reservations: 412.334.3126 or cupajoprod@gmail.com

There's a link to the internet feed of L'Attente on the sidebar. Enjoy.

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