20 March 2007

d press mailing list: a d press update....now with footage!!!

No, it's not your imagination, you're getting a lot more of these than normal. But that's because we've got a lot going on at d press central these days, what with a new film on the horizon and another one starting to get some notice around the country.

That, and we've re-dedicated ourselves to growing our fan base (such as it is), and keeping people better informed.

So, what's happening this week at d press? Why, I'm glad you asked.

There were some weather issues concerning Thursday's screening of "L'Attente", which prevented the masses from overwhelming the screening, but Sujewa tells me that overall the screening went well, despite the small audience. At very least, no one had anything bad to say about it, so that's something

In the more here and now category, we've added some stuff to the webpage. There's a promotional photo for "gravida", some production stills, and...wait for it...the first 30-second teaser. Excited yet? Of course you are.

You can find the teaser here on MySpace, YouTube, and more importantly, the d press webpage:


As of yet we don't have the music lined up, and the trailer is quite rough, but we wanted to get the early promotional stuff out there as soon as possible.

And that's because we're hoping a peek at the finished product will enliven the "gravida" fundraiser, which is off to a start, but not much of a start. Thus far we've gotten nearly $100 (and some tasty food) in donations from the most unlikely of sources. But our patrons understand that indie films can't exist on an island, and for that we're eternally grateful.

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