04 March 2008

Lucas on the radio

Here in Pittsburgh we've had a nice run of weather: several inches of snow and sleet this weekend, followed by 70 degrees on Monday, and tonight it's 40 and raining there's a flood warning. So...if we don't get swept into one of the 3 Rivers, here's what'll be happening soon.

gravida is inching closer to our goal of 20,000 views in the Now Film Festival, as we've got a total of 15,685 combined on YouTube and MySpace. It's nowhere near the BAFTA nominee that's in the lead, but it's doing ok, probably in the upper half. But don't worry, the voting hasn't started yet. Still, if you haven't started telling your friends, what are you waiting for?

In other MySpace news, our good friend Justin Crimone over at zeno films is in a contest of his own. His short planet of the living dead is in the running for a spot on George Romero's new Diary of the Dead DVD. You know the drill. Watch it, thumbs up, etc.

Back to gravida. We are currently in the process of being added to everyone's favorite film information source, IMDb. For whatever reason, it's harder than you'd think to get added, and it takes forever for all the information to get uploaded, but we're there. Go here.

And about that radio thing. Next Wednesday, 12 March, yours truly will be a guest on the Blogcritics Radio Network, which you can conveniently listen to on your very own computer. I'll be talking about gravida, the Now Film Festival, and "indie filmmaking in general" sometime between 9 and 10 EST. Want more info? Check it out. This week's guest, you may notice, is Debbie Gibson. That sound you just heard? That was Ryan Estes' head exploding. Remember to gather ye olde kids around ye olde internet radio and listen in. Maybe I'll make a fool of myself.

For the moment, I think that's it. Don't despair, you'll be hearing from us again real soon.

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