10 September 2008

festival 9.0...and news from around the collective

Is your fantasy football team reeling from injuries to Tom Brady, Merriman, Colston, and/or Burleson? Well, we've got some good news for you: gravida is an Official Selection of the 2008 Tacoma Film Festival. Click here for more info.

We screen on 4 October and 7 October in Tacoma, WA. This is our third festival on the West Coast and number 9 overall. There's a good chance that this is our last one (unless we get invited to one or highly motivated to send out some more submissions), and if that's the case, then we've had a hell of a good run, thanks in part to your help. There's 2 or 3 more screenings that may or may not happen, and we'll let you know as soon as we know.

Oh, and I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but look what happens when you look up gravida on Wikipedia.

I've been out of town for the last couple of weeks, so let's catch up on what's going on around the collective, shall we?

+++ John Gallagher (a.k.a.
the co-producer on gravida) has a short film he produced in the Dare To Direct 2 short film contest sponsored by Chiller TV.
The short Wreck Room is a horror short in a horror contest, so if you have a weak stomach and/or aversion to horror like I do, be fair warned. Anyway, you know the drill. Watch it. Give it a "thumbs up". Tell your friends.

+++ Also worth checking out this month (and beyond) is the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives project.
Basically, it's Paris, je t'aime, minus all the famous people and set in Pittsburgh instead of Paris. Our pitch for a segment about Dormont (complete with roto-scoping and some dream-like lighting ideas) was actually a finalist for this project (basically our pitch wasn't very narrative, which may have been the problem), but we aren't bitter. Rachel Shaw is in the Homestead film and our good friend Justin Crimone of Zeno Films is doing the Downtown segment.

Anyway, it premieres 25 September at Regent Square and then will show all over the city after that.
Go to their MySpace page for more details.
You can find the trailer here.

+++ Amy Crawford and her band The Electric have an EP coming out late summer and they're also on tour in a town near you (but not in a town near me....what the hell?)

In other Amy news, she finished 3rd in the 2008 Shure/Montreux Jazz Festival Vocal Competition in Switzerland. Oh, and her MySpace page also has some live tracks up. Check them out.

+++ Ilona V has a new song on her MySpace page, called "Summer's Almost Gone". Check it out.

+++ far beyond frail's song "Portland" is included in the new compilation CD "Hope, Volume One", which benefits the group "Suicide Awareness Voices of Education". Also included on the album are Tegan and Sara, Trisha Yearwood, Kevin Max, Lisa Loeb, and Joanne Cash (I think she's Johnny's daughter). Also, they seem to be using the same webpage template we are, which is weird, especially since they're about hope and stuff.

far beyond frail is also touring the country (and also not playing a city near me). Check them out when they get near you, and tell them I sent you.

+++ jerome wincek & the old hats have a new song up, titled "the intranet man all redd up". The title is some sort of Pittsburgh something that I don't even remotely understand, and I don't really want to.

And I think that's it. Enjoy the warm weather while it's still here.

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