12 January 2005

music recommendation

Lately been listening pretty much non-stop to michigan singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens (www.sufjan.com) who sort of a more orchestral (that's probably not the right word) of Iron & Wine. Either way, he's fantastic, and as I've just discovered, used to be part of the Danielson Famile, which we used to play all the time on WGEV. amazing, ain't it?


johanna said...

Sufjan Stevens, amazing -- check.

I have a question, open to anyone, regarding a film (uh, that would be one I'm supposed to be writing right now, except I just had four Irish car bombs and can barely sit up; thank you, kind folks at work...)

So. The protagonist, a defrocked priest who's considering a hiatus in another hemisphere to "find himself" has just sent his best friend half way across the country to look into a drug smuggling ring's interest in their hometown. In the meantime, his friend's fiancee (whom he's looking after) is about to be kidnapped by the ring's point man.

My roadblock is this: How does the smuggler lure this young woman into leaving with him? To be rescued, of course, at a later date...feel free to ramble, but--

--please help. I'm about to write pages and pages of worthless dialogue, and it's making me giddy.

Oh, and if you haven't read the pre-cursor to 1984 and Brave New World, I highly recommend a trip to library for:

We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Pub'd in 1912, but not in its native Russia until 1988. Simply unf***ingbelievable.

d press productions said...

what if he makes up a story about the fiance being in trouble and needing her assistance and therefore must get in the car, etc. he could even be dressed like a cop or some other such important figure.

mattreed said...

So, is it absolutely necessary that she is lured? Couldn't she be snatched instead? I always like it when characters just disappear. For instance, something like: the characters are walking down the street talking about something or other (I am sure a defrocked priest and his friend's fiance would have plenty of interesting things to talk about). So, have you ever been inexplicably ceased by the thought that your keys/wallet/train ticket is gone and you stop quickly to frantically check your pockets? The idea is they are walking a long and there's a close up of him talking about something (preferably having something to do with the story) and then he trails off, nervous for a second, until he confirms that his wallet is still very much in his pocket. Then he turns, embarrassed, to offer a smile as an explanation only to find that she's no longer there. He is ceased again by the nervousness (this time having lost something significantly worse than a train ticket), and turns around quickly. An empty street. Farewell, fiance. Of course, this only pushes back the problem: you would now need a reason for them to be walking defenselessly down the street.

Oh, and for a lighter precursor to 1984, try Chesterton's hilarious and brilliant The Napoleon of Notting Hill.

d press productions said...

you don't need a reason for them to be walking down the street. people do it all the time. they're walking. she's taken (by someone we never see, or maybe we would see them in the crowd when we watch the movie again) and the next time we see her she's a hostage.