25 January 2005

oscars, cont.

so "Before Sunset" picked up a nomination in Adapted Screenplay, which is fantastic, but honestly, where is Paul Giamatti?

that's just a stunning snub. it's the best performance of a career full of fantastic ones.


johanna said...

Ahh, Paul Giamatti, born June 6, 1967, the son of the late Bart Giamatti, former Yale University President and Major League Baseball Commissioner.

Paul himself went to the Yale School of Drama...hardly the stereotypical icon of indie-cum-propers stardom; but undeniably cool, nonetheless. The sublime American Splendor speaks for itself, I reckon.

Can you guess what that birthdate makes him?

That's right; a G/G.

d press productions said...

and he was a damn good baseball commish at that

johanna said...

I wonder if that came up at the nominations.