29 January 2005

film in general

nevermind that i'm still really annoyed about paul giamatti's oscar snub, in my mind, the best picture front-runner has to be "million dollar baby". it's as perfect a film as I've seen in a very long time. it's so stunningly good, better even than "mystic river", which is saying something. and now i'm torn b/c i very much want to see marty win best director for "the aviator" (which i still haven't seen), but it seems like it'll be awfully hard to deny clint for this one.


mattreed said...

I say go see the Aviator before you make up your mind. Actually, I think I have a solution that is a win-win for everyone involved. Give the best director to Marty and give the best picture to Clint. It is fair and it has the advantage of being correct. "Million Dollar Baby" probably was the best picture of the year, and certainly better than "Mystic River." But, Mystic River was a better directed movie than Million Dollar Baby, and so was Aviator.

What really makes me mad are the less glamorous categories. Take Visual Effects: the very idea of an I, Robot nomination over both Eternal Sunshine and Sky Captain is so idiotic it is embarrassing. When I first saw it, I thought it was a joke. What sort of new drug are they smoking out in Hollywood these days? But I guess you can't blame them: in a match up between the same old sh** and something original, sh** usually wins in a walk.

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of Eternal Sunshine, do you think it isn't up for Best Director because of the French thing? That is my theory about Before Sunset.

I guess it doesn't matter: those guys always make fool decisions and they are almost always wrong, so why do we go on paying attention? Whatever. I think Clint Eastwood will win the Super Bowl tomorrow. I am now confident that he is so talented a film maker, that he could at least beat Philadelphia at football.

d press productions said...

saw "aviator" the other day and it's very well directed (as you'd expect), and i agree, i think "million dollar baby" will take best picture and marty will take director, if for no other reason than he's due. but "baby", in my mind, is clearly a better film.

on the smaller categories (and yeah, sky captain, while horrible, still had amazing visual effects--actually that was pretty much the whole film), but where's "eternal sunshine" in editing? or "before sunset" for original song (julie delpy singing that waltz would have been one of my favorite oscar moments ever)? or the hotel rwanda song wycleff did?

"before sunset" i can see not getting a director nom, b/c it doesn't feel directed at all, which is exactly why it deserves one, but whatever. "sunshine", though, i think people equate that more to a charlie kaufman thing than any contribution from gondry (plus the whole thing is pretty weird). but, you have to wonder if the same exact film had the credit "directed by spike jonze", would it have been nominated...hmmm...

mattreed said...

The other problem is time. What if Eternal Sunshine had come out in, say, late november. Honestly, I really enjoyed Ray, but how could its ho-hum directing compare to either Sunset or Sunshine? One more thing on this topic: Dear Music Video Directors Hoping To Break Into Feature Films, please please give us more movies like Eternal Sunshine and avoid like the plauge anything resembling Charlie's Angels.

Sky Captain was awful, but then I, Robot was worse. What makes Sky captain better is that it look chances and actually tried to do something new. The two problems I had with Sky Captain were: 1) The dialog and scenario was pretty much crap, and 2) the same old mistake that they are always making with computers, falling in love with the effects at the cost of the movie (see Lord of the Rings Trilogy, AI, et. al.) I heard that originally it was going to be made with all vintage photographs of New York. That would have been interesting. So it goes.