01 February 2005


Somehow (I have no real idea how), I've gotten roped into auditioning for an Aquafina commercial...

yeah, that was my reaction too.


mattreed said...

Ha ha ha ha

d press productions said...

saw u called today, but no message. anything important?

oh and i've decided finally that m. ward is a genius.

mattreed said...

To all the kids following along at home:

If you liked M. Ward (as mentioned in the above post), you might also like Bright Eyes' new CD "I'm wide awake it's morning." Please go and buy it directly.

(Note: There is some debate on whether anyone would like Bright Eyes' other new offering ("Digital Ash in a Digital Urn"), but it might be nice to buy it anyway, if only as a donation to support good indie music).

d press productions said...

you also might like the bright eyes single that's available solely on iTunes (or so they claim), called "When the President Talks to God", you can imagine which side of the political spectrum he comes down on.

also, you may find the new Ray LaMontagne album "trouble" worth the listen.