14 February 2005


this really has nothing to do w/ anything d press related, other than the fact that i listen to their music a lot when i write, so i guess that's something. but in case anyone missed it, d press favorite Wilco took home 2 Grammy Awards last night--best alternative album, and best album packaging. congratulations to them, even if "a ghost is born" is no "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot".


bri czar actor guy said...

"a ghost is born" is no "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot".

y'got that right!

mattreed said...

To be fair, though, how many Grammy nominated albums this year were anywhere near Foxtrot?

Anyway, ghost has its moments.

d press productions said...

i find the more i listen, the more moments it has. i sorta look at it the same way i saw denzel getting best actor to training day. was it the best performance of the year? no way. should he have already won for malcolm x? absolutely.