08 February 2005

so now then

it occurs to me that w/ the mass email i just sent (and the reply by our good friend mike rectenwald), that some people may be reading this for the first time. so it goes.

if so, welcome to the d press blog, where you'll find all sorts of d pressing things. browse, leave a comment, pretty much do whatever you want.



mickrect said...

So, here's a comment/question in order to learn how this thing works...if i have a comment on a previous day do i post there? For instance, it's worth mentioning that Bart Giamatti was a scholar of medieval and renaissance lit--he has great (but outdated) stuff to say about Spenser's Faerie Queene, and other things i'm glad i was forced to read. Ahh, Giamatti's--big fans--havent' seen Sideways yet--i know 'tis shameful.

Secondly, I'm too lazy to read the "terms", bottom line: do i receive my own blog by agreeing and is there a fee?

d press productions said...

it's all free, which is nice, so you get a blog by agreeing.

i generally would post the comment on the corresponding entry, but i think either way is correct.

and you should definitely see "sideways"

johanna said...

Hi there,

It's true I haven't seen Sideways either, but that has more to do with my car and not having one, etc., than interest; unfortunately the movie theatre in Bloomfield was replaced with a Starbucks.

Also, I looked up Giamatti -- in this cool new film encyclopedia i got from my pop -- and that was indeed how I learned about his pop. But you can make fun if you want. I don't mind.

mattreed said...

Sideways was a good movie. I do have a few problems with it: chief among them (don't worry, I won't give any plot details away) was a rather long montage (i'm not sure if the technical term is a montage: there were various split screenish pictures flying around) that looked as if was designed by Community College students for a winery commercial. I don't know I think About Schmidt was a better made movie, if not a better movie.

The funny thing about Sideways is that it taught me that I am officially desensitized to sex, profanity, and violence in films. The realization came when I found an interesting web site that details such things for movies. Turns out Sideways had something like 57 F-words, and I can't remember a single one. I'm not sure if that is progress or not. Anyway, it was a good movie.

One last thing about it: I heard on NPR: In major cities Pinot sales are up 100%. And Merlot: sales are decidedly down.

mattreed said...

This thread reminds me of an idea I had so I thought I throw it out there and see what the masses (i count 4 people who read this, but perhaps lucas gets some statistics from blogger?). Basically the idea is a web literary journal/discussion site/et cetera. Basically like what lucas talks about here but on a bigger level. There would be places to talk about film, literature, politics (we would have to figure out how to prevent lucas from swearing too much). But there would also be more formal section (which is actually edited) for reviews and essays and perhaps fiction or poetry. Once per some amount of time (quarter, year) we would select a certain number of the edited pieces and some of the discussion (given them proper english, trim where needed, and perhaps format them like a Dialog--as in Plato, Hume, Berkley) publish it as a journal. At first we wouldn't have to actually print it (we would post it as a pdf file online or something) if no one wants to read it. Of course, it would be a lot of work. But it would be nice to get together the people we know who are in disparate locations and perhaps have some creative energy to spare.

The software to do this is free probably, with not too much customizing, and the hosting would probably be cheap (I doubt it would become a sensational hit). Of course, these days I still haven’t started rewriting the d Press web page, so all this would be a bit far off.

Anyone have any ideas?

d press productions said...

there are blog sites (this one included) where you can have multiple contributers, so it could be done somewhat like that. i know of a different blogging site that has a section specifically for reviews, et al. you could also set up one of those forums things where there are different categories of stuff you can talk about (i.e. there'd be a book forum, a film forum, etc.)

i count 6 or 7 people, i think, although i could probably get some stats.

johanna said...

Sounds like a really good idea. I always like practice, if nothing else. Not to mention the input from writers (thanks, guys, by the way, for taking the time on the screenplay question - you really came through.)

If you start a discussion page or what have you regarding politics, though, you usually end up with a lot of disgruntled people and not a lot of fluid thought...at least that's what I've found, anyway.

Unless, of course, it's a page dedicated to Ira Glass and This American Life, because he manages to take the political to someplace digestible...and he rocks. So you could have a weekly discussion on a discussion, just to put that out there.

And one dedicated to Michael Moore of course -- still have to see Bowling and F9/ll. Totally my bad, lucas. I should take a promo tomorrow, while it's there.

d press productions said...

yeah you should. it's entertaining and scary, all at the same time.

Ira Glass rocks. I wish he was my dad.

mickrect said...

so today i spent 4 minutes reading the blog and it wasn't enough--this is all to say that i am all for your idea matt (remember we tried this earlier and it never took off--these were the days before 1 mil strong Americans were bloggin--plus i just couldn't get the idea out of my head. Essentially i just wanted to read the creative thoughts of the most creative people i know--that's y'all). So excited, but must teach the kiddies and go to meetings--peace

mickrect said...


i was completely serious about Bart--see one of his books:
Earthly Paradise & the Renaissance Epic by Giamatti, A. Bartlett. I assume there is one one Bart.

mattreed said...

That is really random: I've almost bought that Giamatti book at least 4 time in the past couple month without any knowledge that 1) he was related in any way to the actor 2) that he was related in any way to MLB or 3) that he would be a topic of conversation on this site. It is too bad that I gave up buying books for lent, or I would buy it today. Maybe after Easter I'll give Bart a try.

mattreed said...

isn't it funny how this american life is the best thing around (radio and tv)? the only thing that comes close is studio 360.

sub question: does the fact that i only listen to NPR and drink mineral water and read the new yorker make me a bad person? I feel like an elitist. But, it's just that most everything else is boring.

johanna said...

well, you really should read at least one other mag, say atlantic monthly or harper's - but no, if you only read bukowski, then you'd be a bad person...at least, to be around. on the other hand, i don't have a rejection slip from a/c monthly or harper's, but i do have one from the new yorker, or at least used to...oh, my

mike -- thanks for the tip. i always like that sort of stuff, was quite the little studier of mythology and arthurian legend at one time and enjoy it still

luc -- i wish Ira was your Dad, too

saw him at the Benedum -- was it a coupla years ago? -- house lights down for the first 15 minutes or so, until he sadly announced that he had pled to be allowed to keep them down for the remainder of the show but had been forced to light up, w/ the magic bit as an opener only

mattreed said...

I didn't use a comma correctly.

Sigh. Yes, I take Atlantic Monthly, too. Also IEEE Transactions on Intellient Systems, but I don't think that helps any. Wait: I own the sorrow and the pity on DVD, does that help?

Oh, I've been meaning to get a rejection slip from the New Yorker, but I haven't had the time to figure out how to send them anything.

d press productions said...

random bukowski quote:

"yeah i agree he's a pretty good read, but who'd want to be such an asshole?"

-- modest mouse

mickrect said...

So this is the 16th comment for this day--joy--and it's a long one.

I just wanted to plug Ira and Kurt (360). I wrote emails to both hosts, quite naively (sp?), and asked something to the effect: "How can I have your job?" I was much more subtle and still did not receive a response--

Someone please remind me to answer emails from the little people trying to overcome their proletariat status when I become a bigtime NPR person. How rude. I think we need a new word (cf. Googlist) for such NPR Superstars...hmmm.

I was serious when I wrote, however, and only wish that I could be involved in something akin to these shows. But I agree with matt--they could be better--it is sad when this is the best out there.

I imagine that in Europe they are not starving for culture--am I delusional in this? Then again, I think I learned this from something I heard on Studio 360.

Around here the times for each show are inconvenient and I'm not on the web at home (Sunday am for 360--which means sometimes we skip church if the show is really good).