15 February 2005

short film

well, the rumors are true, i've been cast in Rue Snider's next short film (filming this weekend). i play 2 different roles. I play a creepy guy in the bathroom and a cool guy in a Jesse Malin t-shirt.

that, my friends, is range.


mickrect said...

d press,

Forgive my ignorance, but who is Rue and how can I eventually see this film?

Also, I've been lamenting the closing of the Denis Theater (in Mt. Lebo on W. Liberty) since they used to play the Indy stuff. Similarly, the Hollywood Thtr on Potomac in Dormont used to be worht visiting too. Where can a guy go (beside Sq Hill) to see Indy-like films? I just love the neighborhood places.

--ignorant film-curious guy

d press productions said...

i know, the dennis was so awesome (and in walking distance). i end up having to go to lowe's more than i'd like, but the destinta in brideville is not bad.

i'll let you know when i get a copy of Rue's short. Rue, btw, is wicked cool

bri czar actor guy said...

hey d,

tell ignorant film-curious guy that Pgh Filmmakers is showing some way cool stuff... the new Almodovar is in Regent Square now... and he can also see me in Rue's film when we have the premiere and dinner afterward at Tavern on the Green....