22 February 2005

short update

or Lucas sacrifices his looks to help a friend

This weekend, as you may remember, Rue Snider was filming a short this weekend at Eon's bar in homestead (visit there, support places that support independant films) and he asked me to play 2 different roles. Our good friend Brian (from "Do It!") was playing the lead. so on saturday, i have a noon call, i get there, and they immediately send me to hair and makeup. i go to hair and a good-looking woman fixes my hair and beard to make it all greasy (I'm playing a creepy pervert who throws up in the bathroom), then i go to makeup, where another good-looking girl makes me look paler than i am (if that's possible) and emphasizes the bags under my eyes. then, it's on to wardrobe, where a third good-looking girl finds some clothes to make me look creepy. then i do my scene, they put some of the fake vomit in my beard, which doesn't smell bad, but it definitely smells. Rue's got a steadycam for the shot, and on pretty much every take it bumps me as i go by, but we get it in a couple of takes and i'm done by 5, making it pretty much the easiest day i've ever had on a shoot.

the next day, i'm a different, cooler character, so the night before i have to shave my beard off. my call is 8am (the horror!), and when i get there, it's the same routine, only making me look cool instead of creepy, which is nice. and i'm sitting there thinking i could definitely get used to this--wake up, have good looking women figure out how you should look. sunday's shoot is a lot more involved--maybe 40 extras hanging around--and basically i spend nine hours standing in one place so that i'm not missing from the background of any shots. then, the last shot of the day, the camera sweeps by me and i lift my glass of some blue liquid to acknowledge it. really, the whole thing was pretty boring, but that's a film set for ya. although, i did get to talk to some people about some projects we've got going, so that's something i guess.

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